About Tina

Hello :) I’m Tina and I live in Calgary, Alberta with my fiancé, Curtis. We are getting married this summer are so, so excited! A couple years ago, Curt and I started to make changes in our lives to help us live as healthy a life as possible. We were already fairly health conscious, but we took it up a notch and I became a little more adventurous in the kitchen. I started making meals entirely from scratch and learned about things like fermentation. And I loved it! I found myself excited to call my sister to talk about brewing kombucha and how I made homemade coconut milk for the first time. I started telling anyone I could about bone broth and how it tasted a zillion times better and was so much more healthy than any boxed broth from the store. (Seriously, bone broth can transform your dinner from being good to A-MAZ-ING. Yum!)

If you can’t already tell, when I like something, I like it a lot! I tend to be very passionate about the things I enjoy, whether it’s food, a book, music, a TV show. If I have the opportunity to talk to someone about something I’m loving, you can bet they are going to hear about it. I wanted to start this blog for that very reason. I want to continue to share with my friends and family, the things that I get excited about, but I also want to share them with you! I hope you'll stick around and we can be excited together :)